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Meet the Mitchells...

George, James and Tom… The people behind Geo Mitchell.

We are active, over-competitive brothers who discovered how easy and beneficial it was to bring natural products into our lifestyle.

It all began when James was introduced to a menthol-eucalyptus blend to ease his breathing. He had always struggled with restricted airways, but was surprised at how simple and effective the essential oil blend was in providing relief.
It soon became apparent that there was a whole selection of essential oils out there, all with the potential to bring different wellness benefits.

So there it was … We had stumbled across our opportunity - and we set to work to create Geo Mitchell.
After 2 years of listening to people's opinions, we finally settled on our range! Launching the Essential Wellness Range alongside our vaporising diffusers.

It’s not that the blends don’t smell great on their own, but the ingredients we’ve selected have genuine wellbeing benefits. They’re all very easy to use, and of course, 100% natural.
Whether you want to de-stress the busy mind, stimulate for a productive period ahead, or even just get a better night's sleep, we can only encourage you to try our natural range, and see how it can help you out.

If you’re interested in knowing more about us, or you have something you’d like to share, then we’d love to chat further, please get in touch!


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