February 17, 2017


The day has finally arrived. Welcome to Geo Mitchell.

When we came up with the idea 2 years ago, we did not think it would take this long to put together. 
But we were adamant not to release anything until we were all entirely happy, and until we had a range of products that we were proud of.

So here we are. We hope you like the new site.
If you don’t know much about us, we’re James, George and Tom – the 3 brothers running Geo Mitchell.

The aim of our brand is to help people invest in their wellness. We believe it’s always a case of the small things you do that have huge impacts on the way you feel. 

So we’d like to introduce our first range of products: 100% natural, pure essential oil blends alongside our
vaporising diffusers. 

We’ve had great feedback on them so far, so we hope you love them all too. Click here to learn more about them.

Here’s a picture of George the day they all arrived, I think that expression is a mixture of excitement and amazement that they’ve actually arrived….


diffuser arrival george


We’d also like to introduce you to The Wellness Journal, a new blog where you can discover the latest trends in wellness, health and natural products. We’ll be posting regular updates about us too!

Everyone and everybody seems to be an expert these days on Social Media. That ‘revolutionary diet’ that promises ’10 dress sizes in 10 weeks’. That’s not something we can promise, but instead, we can promise to regularly upload content that we found interesting, and hopefully you can find useful. What do you want to learn more about? 

We hope this blog will serve as a conversation between us and you, so if you have any questions? Please fire away!

Also, if you’d like to contribute, then just get in touch via info@geomitchell.com, and you can guarantee that one of the boys will get back to you.

Until next time,

George, James & Tom.

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