Top Tips for Starting Exercise Out as a Beginner... And Not Falling Off the Waggon 3 Weeks Later!

March 29, 2017

Top Tips for Starting Exercise Out as a Beginner... And Not Falling Off the Waggon 3 Weeks Later!

We quite often hear people say that they’d love to get a bit fitter.

 We all know the benefits of exercising a little bit more – losing weight, having more energy, and just generally improving our wellness for the long term.

So why are there not more of us exercising?

Well, chances are, a lot of people don’t know where to begin. 
Expensive gym memberships that are full of funny looking exercise machines and superhuman looking people in their short shorts – it’s no surprise why it is so intimidating to start up.

So below there's some points that could be a good kick-starter for getting your exercise routine going. 

Not only does it need to get going, but it needs to be a routine that you can maintain long term
, and not just for the first 3 weeks of your New Year’s resolution!

Find a friend
Your exercise buddy – whether this is your husband, girlfriend, partner, whoever! If they are in a similar position to you, with similar targets, it’s going to make things a whole lot easier for the both of you.
I’ve always found the easiest times to exercise are when someone else is joining you. You motivate each other, and it makes exercising a whole lot more fun!

Whilst on the topic of fun…

Find something you enjoy
There is a form of exercise to suit EVERYBODY. You don’t have to be running ultramarathons, but the list of what you can do is endless.
Perhaps a team sport or a group exercise class is a good place to start – exercising can be much more sociable than you think!
The BBC’s Activity Finder is a great resource to try if you need some ideas: 

 If it’s something you enjoy, then A) You will look forward to it, and B) You won’t even realise you’re exercising!

Make exercise a habit
Prioritise your exercise, make time for it and schedule it into your day. Even put it into your diary and treat it like any other appointment you’d like to keep.
Try planning your exercise around other daily habits. For example meal times, just before breakfast or in your lunchbreak are great times to fit in a quick workout. Not only are they two things that happen every day, but you also get to reward yourself with food after – result! 
You can also create ‘triggers’ to try and plan your exercise around. Putting your exercise gear out the night before will make the motivation a lot easier in the morning.

Focus on consistency 
Don’t treat exercise as an intense 2 week blast before your holiday. Or don’t think it as a ‘6 weeks to a whole new you’ programme. Instead learn to enjoy the process, set challenges for yourself, and appreciate the lifestyle. Then you’ll be in it for the long run.
If you don’t stress it too much, the positive long term changes will come! 

If excuses are still running through your head…
‘I can never find the time’
‘All memberships are far too expensive’
Then try starting out at home. There’s lots of resources out there giving you workouts, all you need is a bit of space at home.
Joe Wicks, The Body Coach regularly posts lot of great sessions on his YouTube Channel, check this one out: 


There’s nobody to judge you, it’s absolutely free, and you can fit a very worthwhile session in within 20-30 minutes. Give it a try!

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