Spring Cleaning Your Life

April 03, 2018

Spring Cleaning Your Life

With the Spring days growing longer (yay!) but the chills still sticking around, laundering and storing away our winter wraps would probably not be the highlight of our spring clean, yet. However, as spring is associated with new beginnings, one can approach spring cleaning metaphorically.

Spring give us the perfect opportunity to clean out other aspects of our lives – to declutter and to take a look at what is actually necessary and continue into the year refreshed and light. These would help us save our most precious commodities: time, energy and peace of mind.

We’re all about promoting a wholesome well-being – mind, body and soul, and so we’ve put together a short list of to-dos to spring clean your life.

Have fun with fitness

Spring is the ideal time to mix things up with the way you work out. Since temperatures are slightly friendlier, outdoor workouts are a great switch up. Despite the lack of calorie-counting gym perks, an outdoor run or a short hike would be just as impactful overall. If getting your sneakers muddy is not your cup of tea, just do any activity you’ll love. Try a new fitness class (Body Jam and Zumba are my personal favourites), go for a leisure bike ride or learn to dance to your favourite Beyoncé tunes. Getting into a workout rut is inevitable and too often, it focuses on physical appearance and not on how we feel doing it.

Digital clean-up

A cluttered home screen with red circles showing numbers in the hundreds can definitely make you feel anxious and stressed. If your virtual life somehow overwhelms you, giving it a quick spring clean would do you some good. Start by dedication one whole day to delete spam, promotional emails, and newsletters. Then use websites such as unroll.me to unsubscribe from mailing lists you really don’t need (not from ours, of course!). Next go through your following list on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and unfollow accounts that you just don’t connect with anymore. Don’t forget to go through your apps and photos while you’re at it.

Mind your mental consumption

The information that we consume on a daily basis clearly has a huge effect on our mood, perceptions and mental wellbeing. From those Instagram stories, Tweets and podcasts we use to fill out waiting times and the TV shows, blogs and books we saturate our brains with, it’s important to review the things we’re reading, watching and hearing and evaluate which of them is actually contributing to your happiness levels.

It is important to ask whether our mental diet benefits us. Does our scroll through social media feed, flips through the book and papers and conversations with our surroundings inspire and motivate us? Does it induce creativity and originality? It is inevitable that our interactions sometimes drain instead of recharge our mind and it is important to be picky in terms of these information. Try to set aside a few moments each day to daydream and reflect. Be purposeful with your mental consumption like you would with your physical

By Sarah Hendri @sarahrahmani for Geo Mitchell

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