How You Can Start To Make More Conscious Choices, And Tips For Winding Down In The Autumn Season

September 06, 2018

Curiously conscious blog post

We spoke with ethical lifestyle blogger Besma, from  Curiously Conscious ( about making more conscious choices.
Here's what she had to say about her ethical lifestyle, her morning routine, and how she winds down during the Autumn season.
We love your blog, and it’s clear how passionate you are for an ethical lifestyle. How did you get started within this space?

Thank you so much! I started Curiously Conscious 2014, when I was living in Paris. During my time there, I began exploring the French way of doing things - buying fresh food from the organic market next door, bringing my own bags to the shop, that sort of thing. It made me question my own disposable and wasteful lifestyle, and also where my products come from, and what are in them.

I’m so pleased I made that change, as it’s led me to try and love natural products such as the Geo Mitchell range.

And if someone wanted to start making conscious choices towards an ethical lifestyle, where should they start?

The best way is to start asking questions when you shop. We’re already stuck with a lot of things - and that’s okay - but when we’re looking for something new, ask the brand how they made it, what ingredients did they use. Ask yourself if you need it - and is all that packaging necessary? Nothing is perfect, but by asking these questions it makes it easier to find products that are better for the planet and for other people, as well as for ourselves.

Talk us through your morning: What does it normally look like?
And what does your self-care routine consist of?

Great question! I’ve just moved house, and my routine has changed to fit that too. A usual morning starts with when I get up, open my curtains, and have the cats come and jump on my bed. I write in my focus journal to set my intention for the day, and then I wash. It’s usually a shower, but on a weekend it’ll be a longer, luxurious bath. After dressing, it’s onto a nice cup of tea or cacao smoothie  and catching up with the day’s schedule and events.

It feels like it’s suddenly got colder over the past few weeks, dare we say it Autumn is coming! How do you wind down during the darker and cooler evenings?

Darker evenings means earlier bedtimes for me! I love winding down by getting into my pyjamas, and relaxing back in bed with a book or sometimes a TV show. Scents are so great for de-stressing, so I like to light a candle or diffuse some essential oils on a particularly tough day. Then it’s only a matter of getting cosy under the covers and turning the light out when I’m sleepy enough!


Besma is a London-based lifestyle who writes on her blog Curiously Conscious ( about making modern, ethical choices – Find out more about her here.

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