Beauty Tips, And How To Get Started With Essential Oils From Amber Dillon

July 10, 2018

Beauty Tips, And How To Get Started With Essential Oils From Amber Dillon

We had a chat with Amber Dillon who runs @skinandselfcare on Instagram. Amber is a lover of clean skincare and ethical brands, which is exactly the reason why we thought we should catch up with her, and hear her beauty tips in this hot weather!

She has an awesome feed which you should definitely check out here.


The warmer weather has well and truly arrived! What changes do you make to your beauty routine at this time of year?

My make up routine becomes quite minimal - I opt for tinted moisturisers over foundation, and cream highlighters and blushers over powders. I also really like using a hydrating facial spritz throughout the day to cool down, wake up and set my make up. My favourite is the Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic


What products do you use to protect your skin from the sun?

I make sure that I’m using SPF every day, whether it is in my foundation, BB cream or moisturiser. Protecting your skin from the sun is SO important, so do it in whatever way works best for you. My favourite products with added SPF are the Emma Hardie Protect and Prime, and the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser


All the long Summer weekends, and more social events. How do you relax and wind down when you finally get a chance to?

Whether sat in the park, on the beach or at home - reading is my favourite way to unwind. As much as I love socialising, I definitely need time to recharge, and being on my own and getting lost in a great book is my go-to. 


We know you love essential oils! What’s your favourite way to use them?

There are so many! Mostly, I use an oil burner to fill my bedroom with calming essential oil blends, like Geo Mitchell’s Relax, Naturally or Balance, Naturally. Lavender oil is my favourite essential oil, and if I’m having trouble sleeping I will put a few drops on my pillow. Other essential oils such a geranium also have relaxing properties, and I like to mix them with a base/carrier oil, such as almond, and use them on the go for when I’m feeling stressed or anxious. 


If someone has no experience with essential oils, but would like to start, where should they begin?!

Ready to buy oil blends make it easy to get the benefits of essential oils, and learn a bit more about what works for you. You can buy blends based on what you want out of them. For example, a ‘focus’ essential oil roll-on blend got me through finals at university, and ‘night time’ pillow sprays have always helped to send me to sleep when I’m having trouble switching off. 



Reading up on aromatherapy is also a great place to start, since there are so many ways you might already be using essential oils and just didn’t know about (whether it is tea tree in your skincare, or frankincense in your favourite scented candle). Don’t be afraid to experiment, and ask questions! 

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