Enjoying (not enduring) the long Winter, the Norwegian way

February 27, 2018

Enjoying (not enduring) the long Winter, the Norwegian way

With March just around the corner but no signs of the chills leaving us any time soon (thank you for the sub-zero temperatures, Beast from the East!), the most common question out there would be ‘How much longer would I need to cope with this bleak reality, that is winter?’

Winter is often associated with being “depressed” and “tired”, however a slight change in mind-set is the key to overcoming these blues. Karl Leibowitz, a PhD candidate from Stanford, travelled north to a city called Tromsø in Norway where the sun hides beneath the horizon for two months a year in the pursuit to discover the secret to a Norwegian winter well-being.

Research by Leibowitz on the residents of Tromsø proves that the appropriate wintertime mind-set ensures that they stay clear off woes. Wintertime is something to be embraced, not endured. Learning from our friends from the far north, exploring the things to love about this time of the year is the answer in enjoying all that winter has to offer.

Embrace the things you can do only in the winter

Though the majority of us aren’t blessed with a snowy mountain as our backyard, those higher up the altitude (or latitude) could celebrate winter as a time for sledding, snowboarding and skiing. When else can we do these activities in meters-deep snow? As for the rest of us, enjoy the occasional snow shower as the chance to show off your snowman and snow angel making skills on Facebook. Oh, and don’t forget to wrap up, and layer in your best winter outfits, “There’s a saying that there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.”


birmingham winter canals

Birmingham Canals - Photo by Sarah Hendri

Sink into the winter cosiness

Long dark nights in front of the fireplace (or radiator, for most of us), under our warm blankets, Netflix on our lap, a hot drink in our hand. Just the thought of that makes me all fuzzy! Winter nights are often associated with cosiness, or koselig in Norwegian, and this is especially true when friends are over and candles are lit. Host friends for a relaxing movie night in or for enjoyable rounds of monopoly (or even poker!) before we switch our hot chocolates to an iced latte (or Starbucks’s caramel frappe, my personal favourite).

Admire the winter beauty

With every rain comes a rainbow and with every winter come great views. Though winter for most of us can’t promise a white photo background every day, the odd snowy days coupled with the sky of very beautiful colours and soft, indirect light will definitely enamour each and every one of us (and our Instagram followers!). Without a doubt, winter offers some of the sheerest beauty.


Winter Sunset - Photo by Sarah Hendri 

So before the temperature rises and we dust off our denim jacket take some pointers from the Norwegians and you’ll be thanking them when basking in the Spring sun.

By Sarah Hendri @sarahrahmani for Geo Mitchell

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