Diffusing Essential Oils Safely Around Pets

January 29, 2018

Diffusing Essential Oils Safely Around Pets

Essential oils are used all around the world every day. But on social media there’s recently been some negative feedback about the use of essential oils around pets, so we wanted to clear things up, and also let you know the safest way of diffusing your oils when pets are around.

Essential oils are very concentrated, so should be used with caution with both pets and humans. However, cats in particular can experience issues if they’re are used for long periods of time on a regular basis.

Cats don’t have all the necessary liver enzymes to metabolise the constituents found in essential oils in the way that humans (and dogs) do, making them more susceptible to toxicity from usage. But this is only of real concern when oils are used in high quantities.

With the social media post in question, a cat had been exposed to essential oils through a diffuser over several days, for long periods of time and potentially overnight. It wasn’t until day four that the cat became ill.

Robert Tisserand, an expert on the safety of essential oils has spoken about the use of aromatherapy around cats: “so long as there’s good ventilation, you only diffuse small amounts for limited periods of time, and your cat has the freedom to leave the room if it wants”[1], essential oils are unlikely to be harmful to them.

On the basis of the above research, we remain confident that essential oils used with caution have a very good safety record, and consequently they promote wonderful wellbeing benefits to millions of people every day. Like everything in life, oils should be used in moderation – they’re highly concentrated plant extracts after all. It’s known that humans can suffer from headaches and fatigue if over-exposed to oils, so while there is no scientific evidence to back up the possible harm of essential oils to cats, we’d suggest that you consider the following tips when using oils around your home.


Top tips for diffusing essential oils safely:

  • Always use essentials oils with your pets in mind
  • If you have a cat at home, diffuse small amounts of essential oil for a limited period of time
  • After using a diffuser, ventilate the room to prevent a build-up of vapour
  • Never use a diffuser continuously. If you plan to use it overnight around your cat, fill the diffuser half-full so it doesn’t run for more than 3 hours
  • Never leave a diffuser on unattended while cats are in the room

We hope this article helped to provide some clarity on the subject, but please get in touch with us if you’d like more information.

We’re incredibly passionate about the ingredients in our products, so we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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