April 12, 2018


Ever seen photographs of cute turtles choking on plastics bags? Or the plastic island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean (which is definitely NOT the island summer destination I had in mind)? Don’t worry, we’re not here to depress you with such horrid images but we can all agree that it’s an understatement to classify these sights as alarming. For a change, the Wellness Journal will take a different approach to well-being and shed some light on the wellness of an even greater being – the Mother Earth.

For those of you who weren’t aware, the world commemorates April 22nd as Earth Day to mark the start of the largest modern day environmental movement. Without boring you with too much historical detail, it started when US senator Gaylord Nelson voiced his concern on the lack of conversation about the issue of environment in the realms of politics and media, back in 1969. Admiring the effects of the student anti-war movements in the States, he was inspired to gather the handful of people who care about the environment to voice out their concerns to politicians, pushing them to include the care taking of the environment in their political agendas.

Throughout the years, the Earth Day Network has endorsed many pressing issues around the themes of climate change, clean energy and loss of biodiversity and in 2018, the campaign of focus is “End Plastic Pollution”.

Why is this the topic of focus?

You would need to be extremely oblivious to say that the problem of plastic waste does not somewhat worry you. To remind you, the uncontrollable use of plastics threats the survival of our planet as it litters our oceans, beaches and landscapes, chokes up landfills and waste streams, injures marine life (poor fishes and turtles!) and, most directly affecting us, enters the human food chain, disrupting hormones and leading to serious health issues.

This campaign involves global strategies to regulate plastic pollution while educating governments, corporations and citizens on its urgency through various events in around the world. Though we encourage you to look for Earth Day events in your community, we also believe that there is power in individual but sustainable and continuous efforts. Here are some (relatively) simple ways you could contribute to this movement.

Stay off disposable plastics

Yes, these include the plastics bags we pay 5p for whenever we do a grocery shop run, the water bottles we grab from Tesco Express when our throats are feeling a little bit dry and the straws that we feel entitled to with every glass of drink we order.

Reducing single-use plastics is the easiest and most direct way we can get started on this. Avoid any disposable plastics as much as you can. This means carrying a water bottle every where you go, rethinking if you really need a straw to enjoy your drink (we don’t blame you if you need one to appreciate your extra-think milkshake though), investing in a trendy reusable coffee cup (Starbucks and Costa do really pretty seasonal ones!) and carrying a set of fork and spoon so you can say no when the cashier hands you some plastic ones at check out.

Cook more

We’re huge on holistic well-being and this tip ticks several boxes at once. For starters, cooking eliminates the packaging that’s associated with takeaways or frozen premade meals – so that’s less disposable plastics in the form of takeout containers and plastic packaging. Obviously, cooking your own meals gives you complete control on what goes into your body. This means wholesome natural nutrition, appropriate portions, accommodation of food allergies and sensitivities, cleanliness and food safety – very important stuff! We understand that eating is tributary to socialising so we believe that cooking at home will help enhance that bond with your family or friends. Bring some reusable shopping bags, take a trip down to the supermarket, buy your groceries in bulk (again, less packaging) and have some precious family bonding time while cooking dinner.

Opt for naked toiletries and make up

The awareness of plastic problems has spread and have inspired brands to do their bit in keeping the planet going for a little bit longer. Though naked products have been around for quite some time (hello bar soap), only recently have high street brands resurrected these nudies. One of the front-liners in this revived trend is Lush, with their range of packaging-less shower creams, shampoos, deodorant, body butter and even toner. There are definitely other brands out there with equally revolutionary products so get hunting top prepare for your bottle-less toiletries switch.

In the make-up sector, there are many brands that offer products with minimum packaging such as Zao, Kjaei Weis, Couleur Caramel and many more. Beauty blogger, Ana from Ana Goes Green has put together a list of her favourite eco-friendly make up brands.

By Sarah Hendri @sarahrahmani for Geo Mitchell


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Siobhan Llinos Gale
Siobhan Llinos Gale

July 19, 2018

Great post! I’m always trying to do everything I can to be eco and think of my impact on the environment.

Siobhan ~

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