May Favourites from Lust Living

We were thrilled when Olivia from Lust Living decided to include us in her 'May Favourites' selection on her blog. We've loved her blog for a while now, so her write up below made us all quite excited!

(*First and foremost... How cute is the picture of her Frenchie?!)

'This product is a little bit different but I’m absolutely loving it. Basically, its a vaporising diffuser from Geo Mitchell but it’s 100% natural, and I think everyone is becoming more and more conscious about these things so that really is very important these days. It’s the best looking one I’ve seen so far, it looks super Scandi, so naturally I loved the design but the smells that are produced with the scented oils are incredible. 

My living room smells like an aromatherapy spa 7 days a week now, they are such a relaxing scents – ‘Relax, Naturally’ scent is my favourite so far – a delicious lavender smell. Also, I was really impressed with the amount of product you have to put in – basically you fill the diffuser with water and then pop just 3 drops of your chosen oil in with the water each time (and that will last for 6 hours until the water has run dry), so the scented oils will last a long time!

Oh and since there’s no flame or heat, they’re safe to leave on while you’re asleep, or with kids, pets etc. These are definitely worth getting if you love fragrance but want a safe, natural alternative to candles!'

Read the full 'May Favourites' post here.

For more interior inspiration, or just purely for cute dog pics, check out her instagram page @lustliving